Orlando, FL

Orlando Smash the Cake Photographer

Turning One Session

Cake smash sessions have become increasingly popular as a way to celebrate baby’s first birthday & your first year of parenting.

It is a photoshoot focused on your baby playing with and eating their birthday cake. As a fruity alternative, I also offer watermelon or fruit smash sessions which are just perfect if you prefer to keep your baby off cake a little while longer. 

My sessions consist of 4 parts, to give you a wide variety of images in your final gallery: some “clean” portraits taken before the cake comes out, a few family photos, with props and decorations in the background and  the cake smash itself, and then images of your baby splashing about in a tub of warm, shallow water and bubbles to help clean the cake off. This last part tends to be a favourite with the babies. 

For many families, this session is a brilliant addition or alternative to a big party. Families will often do their session on the day of / days around baby’s birthday, or a few weeks before - and treat it as a celebratory family event. Most families then choose an album or wall art to proudly display this memory of baby’s first year, as well as sharing the photos with friends and family on their actual birthday. Whether you do your session on the day or not, around 12 months is a brilliant age to have a photoshoot at, as it freeze-frames all your baby’s unique and varied expressions at this developmental stage, and captures the fun of being one, before they become walking, running and jumping toddlers!